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Baby Training Toothbrush Set


Uniquely designed three step toothbrush system, catering to each stage of baby’s oral development.

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• LESSON 1 : 0-4 Milk Teeth from 6-8 months
Soft Elastomer Rubber Brush Head, cleans baby’s teeth
while gently massaging their delicate gums

• LESSON 2 : 4-8 Milk Teeth from 8-12 months
Fine, soft Elastomer Bristles gently cleans baby’s teeth,
mimicking the cleaning motion of a nylon toothbrush

• LESSON 3 : 8-20 Milk Teeth from 12-18 months
Baby’s first real toothbrush with soft rounded Nylon
Bristle ends, gently cleans and removes food particles
from in between the teeth. Curved shaped Brush Handle
for a natural grip and better hand control.

Safety Shield (Lesson 1 & 2) prevents choking
Tongue Cleaner on the back of the brush (Lessons 1, 2 & 3)

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Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 6,0 × 3,0 × 18,0 cm
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