Lois Wattis Recommends Peristaltic PLUS™


LoisWattisBookLois Wattis recommends the Pigeon Peristaltic PLUS Teat in her latest book.
“New Baby 101; A Midwife’s Guide For New Parents”  


“…There are numerous bottles and teats on the market which claim to provide a delivery system which is like breastfeeding, however in my experience most do not even come close!
To maintain breastfeeding it is very important for those babies to be offered teats which closely simulate the way breast milk flows from the breast.


For parents wanting to introduce occasional bottle feeds to a breastfed baby I suggest you buy a Pigeon Peristaltic PLUS™ Wide-Neck Bottle… It is the wide-neck teat which I recommend because the wider shape of the teat comfortably allows baby to maintain flanged lips while feeding.


The Pigeon “Y” cut teats (M and L) only allows milk to flow when the baby uses his jaw in a similar way to when he breastfeeds. Pigeon bottles and teats are suitable to use for breastmilk or formula feeding…In my opinion all of the other wide-based bottles are too wide, and baby’s mouth tends to slip back to the tip of the teat, causing pursed lips and minimal jaw activity – like sucking a straw.’…”



Lois Wattis is a Registered Nurse and Midwife, Lactation Expert and a Fellow of the Australian College of Midwives. Working in both hospital and community settings, Lois has enhanced her midwifery skills and expertise by providing woman-centered care to hundreds of mothers and babies, including more than 50 women who chose to give birth at home.