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Training Teether Step 2


It is natural for babies to put things into their mouths as they are exploring their senses. Pigeon’s Training Teethers are an ideal aid to assist babies with their oral development.

  • Designed to fit into baby’s palm with an easy-to-grip handle
  • Firm teething pad
  • Develops baby’s skill of holding and gripping
  • Baby learns the texture of various objects through biting

Training Teether Step Two, 7 + months

The periodontal membrane is a fleshy tissue between the tooth and tooth socket that holds the tooth in place, attaching it to the adjacent tooth, and enables it to resist the stresses of chewing.

From 7 months onwards, the periodontal membrane between the baby’s teeth will start to develop and will act as a sensor to determine the texture of food.

Pigeon’s Step 2 Training Teether is:

  • An ideal stimulus for the periodontal membrane;
  • Has different chewing textures;
  • An attractive rattle and movable coloured rings;
  • Encourages and stimulates your baby to play and explore.

CARE:  Before each use, wash in soapy water. Rinse thoroughly in clean water.

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