How to use Pigeon Liquid Cleanser

How to use Pigeon Liquid Cleanser


PIGEON Liquid Cleanser is the ideal and safe cleanser to be used for cleaning baby accessories such as nursing bottles, nipples, pacifiers and toys. You can even use it to wash fruits and vegetables. It contains 100% food grade ingredients, and minimises baby’s exposure to harsh chemicals.


Steps on how to use it :




  • Gather all used bottles and empty remaining contents
  • Get a clean wash basin to use
  • Make sure to wash your hands first
  • Remove the lids, caps, nipples and rings from the bottles
  • Dilute 2.5ml of Pigeon Liquid Cleanser to 1 Litre of warm water and soak all baby bottles and feeding accessories in the water
  • Pump Pigeon Liquid cleanser directly onto the Pigeon sponge bottle brush at least 2 – 3 times
  • Brush clean any milk or formula residue inside the bottles. Remember to go around the grooves in the neck of the bottle.
  • Clean the inside and outside of the nipple , cap and ring thoroughly using Pigeon Nipple brush
  • After cleaning rinse all baby bottles and feeding accessories well in a basin. Change the water at least twice.
  • Put them onto a drying rack and prepare to sterilise




  • Dilute 2.5ml of Pigeon Liquid cleanser to 1 litre of warm water
  • Soak fruits and vegetables in diluted solution for at least 30 seconds to remove any chemicals
  • Rinse thoroughly in a basin, change the water at least twice


Reviews of parents who have used this fantastic product


It’s great for breaking up oil or milk residue, oil from plastics etc. I’ve used it for my first baby and I’m buying it again for the next one. It cleanses bottles like no other. I personally love the scent of this. Some reviewers have commented it’s very runny. It is but it had no impact on the performance of this. Add a squirt of this to a tub of water and wash out milk bottles and teats if you’re afraid of wasting it


This bottle cleanser cleans out milk residue very well, the bottle is squeaky clean and doesn’t leave any smell at all. It can clean bottles, teats, dummies, toys, teethers, fruits and vegies. One pump is enough to clean 3-4 bottles including teats and caps. This cleanser works really well but doesn’t dry out my hands even though I wash bottles 3 times a day.


I have been using this product since my son was born and I love it. It is safe and leaves all our bottles and teats squeaky clean. I don’t mind the smell and I use it to wash everything from his teething toys to his cups and plates now that he is eating solids. Yes, it is expensive and some people prefer to use dishwashing liquid but I like that this product is safe for young babies and cleans so well.


I think it is a wonderful product, as it was made of edible substance. I even use it to wash adult water bottles etc